Miyavi Q&A @ Anime Matsuri '09

Like the DIO post, I'm posting this for archival reasons.

Italics mean audience reactions
*Asterisk mean what Miyavi is doing*
(Parentheses is my commentary)

Hi Houston. I’m Miyavi from Japan. I’m happy to be here. I’m looking forward to see you guys.

Q. What is your favorite song that you’ve written?
M. Uh…Uh… laughingUh… I think that is the hardest question. Uh…Songs are like children, I love them all.

Q. What are you going to name your kid? Ohh…
M. *laughs* We’re still thinking about it. If there’s a good name let me know.

Q. I play the guitar and you’re a huge inspiration for me. Will you sign my guitar? gasp
M. Yeah. Okay. gasp! Do you have it? *MC brings it to him*
MC. Does anyone have a sharpie?
*strikes a pose with the guitar* Squeals!
M. What’s your name?
Q. Katherine! (I hope he spelled her name right lol)

Q. Mumbles…
M. What?
Q. Will you adopt me?
M. …Someday. Aww…

Is S.K.I.N. coming back to America?
M. *chuckles* Ask Yoshiki. giggles

How do you feel about fans illegally downloading your music?
M. …Well, I want to spread my music…I don't make my music to bought. I make it for you to listen to.

Your inspiration?
M. Everything in my life. Movies, conversations, everything.

If not music what would you do?
M. Ya probably play soccer.

If you could freeze time for one day what would you do?
M. In Texas, I want to go to NASA. My back members are going to NASA today while I work. Aww…

What is the most important tattoo to you?
M. The one on my back. Show it to us! I can’t show you without paying! Laughs and giggles

Since you’re at an anime convention. How big of an anime fan are you?
M. Well, I like manga. cheers I like Jojo, Bakuman(Everyone should read it, it’s soo good!) , but I’m Japanese. laughs

Advice for a aspiring artist?
M. Keep going, keep going.

Will you please hug my friend Cindy>
M. What do you say? (She repeats the question 5 billion times)
M. Okay.

Who is the sexiest man here?
MC. I mean it’s Miyavi right?!?
M. …It’s me. cheers

Will you trade shades or wear mine?
M. What? (She repeats the question)
M. I can’t trade, these were from fan, okay?

What are your plans?
M. Uh…back to Japan, make my company independent, including my marriage and baby.

How did you learn to speak Spanish so well?
M. *speaks Spanish* I’m not very good. (I asked my friend what he said she couldn’t understand him lol)

Favorite American artist?
M. Uh…Barack Obama cheers and laughs

Welcome to Texas and congrats. Since you’ve been getting more and more popular in America, what American artist would you like to collaborate with?
M. Except for Barack Obama? laughs
Q. Could I have a hug too?
M. Sorry only girls. laughs

What were you anticipating from America?
M. So many kinds of fans awww Lovely fans…

There are so many translations to your tattoo on your right arm. What does it really mean?
M. This one? *points* Ashoka. He has a festival on April 8, the same time my company was launched. It’s hard to translate, but it’s on the line of be strong.

What do you think of your fans?
M. I love my fans. I sing for them. Gonna be a deal (I don’t know what that means, but it was in my notes…)

M. My mom. awww

Will you be continuing to work with the Kavki Boys?

Are you planning to release more hip hop stuff?
M. Actually I’m going to announce working with both the Kavki Boys and more solo stuff.

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