DIY : Christian Louboutin for Rodarte Shoes

Courtesy of JACK & JIL

I've in love with these shoes ever since I saw these at Rodarte's Fall 2008 show. To put it simply they are SICK. They cost a pretty penny. $1,500 to be exact. Double the price if you find it in stores. Yikes. I'm glad that I found this diy.

Here's what you been waiting for Fashion Monger's diy of these gorgeous shoes

The diy is not a detailed step by step project, but looking through the pictures it's pretty clear. I have yet to try it myself. I haven't found the right shoes to use, when I find them I'll try out this diy and I'll be sure to make a post.



Deco is short for Decoration. It's all about decorating everyday objects, from a DS case to a pill box.

There are several different types of deco, but I'll be focusing on Sweets deco.

Sweet deco focuses on well, sweets. This type of deco usually consists of jewelry that's made to look like food and desserts.

There are many japanese pro stores that offer this kind of deco.

Dolce Deco

Ribbon Holic

Chocomint sells Ribbon Holic and various lolita accessories and the best part is they offer international shipping!


Forgotten Meta!

In my previous post about Meta's new print, Swan Chandelier. I forgot to include one design!

The high waist pinafore op!


If you'd like to see more of Meta pretties please visit their HP here