Meta's Swan Chandelier

I think I'm in love~<3333 I'm absolutely in love with chandeliers so this is definitely one of my dream dresses. I would get it straight away but I promised myself I would get some Atelier Pierrot stuff first... *sigh*

The print comes in several styles.

I love how this dress has removable front to turn into an underbust jsk.

My favorite and the jsk I plan to get <3

I'm not crazy about the A-line but Meta is known for that silhouette. It would be cute belted for casual loli.

I love all the gold flecks in the pattern to I wish more brands incorporated gold in their designs. I really can't wait to see pictures when it's worn!


V-ROCK FESTIVAL09 is annouced!

The very first visual kei music festival in Japan is coming! There will be over 50 bands performing including Marilyn Manson on four stages over a course of 2 days.

Here's some of the lineup:

the GazettE
Marilyn Manson
Moi dix Mois
and others.....

More bands will be announced soon.

It'll take place Oct. 24-25 at CHIBA MAKUHARI MESSE

besides the bands, there will booths, events, and places where to meet the bands. I think a $200 ticket is worth it right?

For more more information check out their OHP here


Miyavi Q&A @ Anime Matsuri '09

Like the DIO post, I'm posting this for archival reasons.

Italics mean audience reactions
*Asterisk mean what Miyavi is doing*
(Parentheses is my commentary)

Hi Houston. I’m Miyavi from Japan. I’m happy to be here. I’m looking forward to see you guys.

Q. What is your favorite song that you’ve written?
M. Uh…Uh… laughingUh… I think that is the hardest question. Uh…Songs are like children, I love them all.

Q. What are you going to name your kid? Ohh…
M. *laughs* We’re still thinking about it. If there’s a good name let me know.

Q. I play the guitar and you’re a huge inspiration for me. Will you sign my guitar? gasp
M. Yeah. Okay. gasp! Do you have it? *MC brings it to him*
MC. Does anyone have a sharpie?
*strikes a pose with the guitar* Squeals!
M. What’s your name?
Q. Katherine! (I hope he spelled her name right lol)

Q. Mumbles…
M. What?
Q. Will you adopt me?
M. …Someday. Aww…

Is S.K.I.N. coming back to America?
M. *chuckles* Ask Yoshiki. giggles

How do you feel about fans illegally downloading your music?
M. …Well, I want to spread my music…I don't make my music to bought. I make it for you to listen to.

Your inspiration?
M. Everything in my life. Movies, conversations, everything.

If not music what would you do?
M. Ya probably play soccer.

If you could freeze time for one day what would you do?
M. In Texas, I want to go to NASA. My back members are going to NASA today while I work. Aww…

What is the most important tattoo to you?
M. The one on my back. Show it to us! I can’t show you without paying! Laughs and giggles

Since you’re at an anime convention. How big of an anime fan are you?
M. Well, I like manga. cheers I like Jojo, Bakuman(Everyone should read it, it’s soo good!) , but I’m Japanese. laughs

Advice for a aspiring artist?
M. Keep going, keep going.

Will you please hug my friend Cindy>
M. What do you say? (She repeats the question 5 billion times)
M. Okay.

Who is the sexiest man here?
MC. I mean it’s Miyavi right?!?
M. …It’s me. cheers

Will you trade shades or wear mine?
M. What? (She repeats the question)
M. I can’t trade, these were from fan, okay?

What are your plans?
M. Uh…back to Japan, make my company independent, including my marriage and baby.

How did you learn to speak Spanish so well?
M. *speaks Spanish* I’m not very good. (I asked my friend what he said she couldn’t understand him lol)

Favorite American artist?
M. Uh…Barack Obama cheers and laughs

Welcome to Texas and congrats. Since you’ve been getting more and more popular in America, what American artist would you like to collaborate with?
M. Except for Barack Obama? laughs
Q. Could I have a hug too?
M. Sorry only girls. laughs

What were you anticipating from America?
M. So many kinds of fans awww Lovely fans…

There are so many translations to your tattoo on your right arm. What does it really mean?
M. This one? *points* Ashoka. He has a festival on April 8, the same time my company was launched. It’s hard to translate, but it’s on the line of be strong.

What do you think of your fans?
M. I love my fans. I sing for them. Gonna be a deal (I don’t know what that means, but it was in my notes…)

M. My mom. awww

Will you be continuing to work with the Kavki Boys?

Are you planning to release more hip hop stuff?
M. Actually I’m going to announce working with both the Kavki Boys and more solo stuff.

DIO Q&A @ Onicon '08

It's old, but I thought I'd post this up for archival reasons...

Everything in italics are what the audience's reaction or what the band is doing. The [brackets] are my little comments.

Translator asks if they would introduce themselves.
D: I'm the drummer, Denka.
K: I'm the guitarist, Kei.
M: in English MY NAME IS MIKARU! cheers
E: I'm the guitarist, Erina.
I: I'm the bassist, Ivy.

Q: What obstacles have you encountered? Awkward silence, they discuss who answers first. Mic gets passed to Denka
D: As a student it was really hard to get really good grades on tests.
M: Learning how to fly in the sky.

Q: Will you give me a guitar lesson?
E: Okay!

Q:For Mikaru and Kei, What kind of girls you like?
M: Someone who hugs me a lot and kisses me a lot Awww!
K: Stylish, regular girl then I'll be good.

Q: What're your major music influences?
D: The drummer from Slipknot, Joey.
K: No Specifics, but I like death metal and American music.
M: It started with John Lennon even though he did a lot of drugs. He wrote songs about love and peace and that was very inspirational to me.
E: You probably don't know this show, but it had an educational song and it stuck with me.
I: I used to like T.M. Revolution, but now I like Nana Kitade.

Q: How do you scream without ruining your voice?
M: In the beginning Growl I choked makes choking noise but eventually my voice got trained.

Q: How was your trip to Houston?
D: First time out of Japan, it's really far.
K: The flight took a whole day. I ate a lot of in flight meals.
M: It was too long, my butt and legs hurt.

Q: Would you accept a gift from me?
M: OK! The girl get up to give Mikaru an envelope and says its pictures for them. Mikaru quickly grabs them. I think he thought they were naked pics lol.

Q: For Ivy, what made you start to play the bass?
I: Because I had the time. laughs

Q: Do you have any advice for a visual kei artist outside of Japan?
E: Performance wise, you should have a big move with lots of impact [ What the hell does that mean?]

Q: Were you nervous performing?
D: Yeah, but I was more looking forward to it than being nervous.
K: I was really looking forward to it.
M: Before we came out. You were screaming Dio! Mikaru-sama! That really pumped me up.

Q: When you're not performing what do you do for fun? Passes mic to Denka.
D: Watch movies and really hot showers.
K: Smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and relaxing.
M: Going to Heaven visiting the angels and going to Hell and flying around the world.
E: I'm drinking all the time.
I: Playing games, food, and making Gundam models.

Q: Favorite song you played at the live?
E: It's a new song it's different, but "Instrument Hell" is my favorite song.
M: The song we played for the encore, it was crazy.
K: "Final Call", we all united to together and it was really good.
D: To me, "Carry Dawn" is my favorite.
I: The first song we played, "Lord's Prayer," it's a really cool song. I love it.

Q: How long does your costume and makeup take? And why is Mikaru the only one that wears pants?
M: For every single member to be ready it takes six hours. Whoa... The reason why I wear pants is I'm really shy. Aww!

Q: What was your reaction to all your fans outside of Japan? Passes mic to Denka
D: We're amazed to see how many fans we have in Europe and America.

Q: When will you come back for a tour? Passes mic to Mikaru
M: When it's warmer. If we could do a ten set [is that the right word?] that would be great. It would be crazier than last night. cheers

Q: For Mikaru, where did you learn your English?
M: I didn't study it, but I was in Los Angeles for a homestay Ohhh... I really like American movies. I can't really understand, but I do get the overall plot. Aww...

Q: How do you keep your hair up on stage?
E: Four cans of hairspray. Damn...

Last words form the band.
I: Thank you for coming and tomorrow we'll be having an event in full makeup and costume so please come.
E: I didn't know there would be so many people. We'll come back and it' be great.
K: Thank you for coming to the live and today. There will be definitely a next time.
D: Thank you this means so much to me. Personally, I'd like to do another live in America.
M: Stands up Thanks for today. You guys are part of the Dio family, even if you die.
laughs I want you to repeat after me. Dio! DIOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!

I also took notes on their press panel, but I'm not going to bother because you can find it other places.

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