DIO Q&A @ Onicon '08

It's old, but I thought I'd post this up for archival reasons...

Everything in italics are what the audience's reaction or what the band is doing. The [brackets] are my little comments.

Translator asks if they would introduce themselves.
D: I'm the drummer, Denka.
K: I'm the guitarist, Kei.
M: in English MY NAME IS MIKARU! cheers
E: I'm the guitarist, Erina.
I: I'm the bassist, Ivy.

Q: What obstacles have you encountered? Awkward silence, they discuss who answers first. Mic gets passed to Denka
D: As a student it was really hard to get really good grades on tests.
M: Learning how to fly in the sky.

Q: Will you give me a guitar lesson?
E: Okay!

Q:For Mikaru and Kei, What kind of girls you like?
M: Someone who hugs me a lot and kisses me a lot Awww!
K: Stylish, regular girl then I'll be good.

Q: What're your major music influences?
D: The drummer from Slipknot, Joey.
K: No Specifics, but I like death metal and American music.
M: It started with John Lennon even though he did a lot of drugs. He wrote songs about love and peace and that was very inspirational to me.
E: You probably don't know this show, but it had an educational song and it stuck with me.
I: I used to like T.M. Revolution, but now I like Nana Kitade.

Q: How do you scream without ruining your voice?
M: In the beginning Growl I choked makes choking noise but eventually my voice got trained.

Q: How was your trip to Houston?
D: First time out of Japan, it's really far.
K: The flight took a whole day. I ate a lot of in flight meals.
M: It was too long, my butt and legs hurt.

Q: Would you accept a gift from me?
M: OK! The girl get up to give Mikaru an envelope and says its pictures for them. Mikaru quickly grabs them. I think he thought they were naked pics lol.

Q: For Ivy, what made you start to play the bass?
I: Because I had the time. laughs

Q: Do you have any advice for a visual kei artist outside of Japan?
E: Performance wise, you should have a big move with lots of impact [ What the hell does that mean?]

Q: Were you nervous performing?
D: Yeah, but I was more looking forward to it than being nervous.
K: I was really looking forward to it.
M: Before we came out. You were screaming Dio! Mikaru-sama! That really pumped me up.

Q: When you're not performing what do you do for fun? Passes mic to Denka.
D: Watch movies and really hot showers.
K: Smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and relaxing.
M: Going to Heaven visiting the angels and going to Hell and flying around the world.
E: I'm drinking all the time.
I: Playing games, food, and making Gundam models.

Q: Favorite song you played at the live?
E: It's a new song it's different, but "Instrument Hell" is my favorite song.
M: The song we played for the encore, it was crazy.
K: "Final Call", we all united to together and it was really good.
D: To me, "Carry Dawn" is my favorite.
I: The first song we played, "Lord's Prayer," it's a really cool song. I love it.

Q: How long does your costume and makeup take? And why is Mikaru the only one that wears pants?
M: For every single member to be ready it takes six hours. Whoa... The reason why I wear pants is I'm really shy. Aww!

Q: What was your reaction to all your fans outside of Japan? Passes mic to Denka
D: We're amazed to see how many fans we have in Europe and America.

Q: When will you come back for a tour? Passes mic to Mikaru
M: When it's warmer. If we could do a ten set [is that the right word?] that would be great. It would be crazier than last night. cheers

Q: For Mikaru, where did you learn your English?
M: I didn't study it, but I was in Los Angeles for a homestay Ohhh... I really like American movies. I can't really understand, but I do get the overall plot. Aww...

Q: How do you keep your hair up on stage?
E: Four cans of hairspray. Damn...

Last words form the band.
I: Thank you for coming and tomorrow we'll be having an event in full makeup and costume so please come.
E: I didn't know there would be so many people. We'll come back and it' be great.
K: Thank you for coming to the live and today. There will be definitely a next time.
D: Thank you this means so much to me. Personally, I'd like to do another live in America.
M: Stands up Thanks for today. You guys are part of the Dio family, even if you die.
laughs I want you to repeat after me. Dio! DIOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!

I also took notes on their press panel, but I'm not going to bother because you can find it other places.

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